What’s it gonna take? was first conceived at a bar in LoHi, Denver over happy hour drinks. After a long conversation about relationship attachment styles, we realized that our diverse experiences in connecting could benefit (or at least provide entertainment) for a larger audience. Our opposing attachment styles and dating anecdotes provided us with a window into our interactions with others and why we behave the way we do with people in our lives.

We soon realized from business relationships to friendships and from neighborhood networks to romances, the way we form attachments and connect with people is a topic worth exploring. So, we put another happy hour on the calendar and sat down to figure out: What’s it gonna take?… for us to start this podcast?

And that became a question that we’re now inclined to ask more often these days: What’s it gonna take? … for us to connect more authentically to one another?

We stopped editing our episodes after our second recording was released.  We realized that we didn’t want to fuss over what content to keep or not keep and so we came up with a plan.  We now set a timer, record for 30 minutes, and keep it all.