What’s it gonna take? is a podcast that explores the state of human connection.  We’re local girls and this is a local show touching on global concepts. Our goal is to share unique stories with you about what makes us feel closer to one another.

We record in the field. No behind the curtain. No studios.

We aren’t experts. We’re researchers and we are seeking to explore the concept of togetherness. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure. See you out there!

Meet Mariel: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 5.07.46 PMMaybe I’m a big mush, but I like to follow warm fuzzy feelings and I’ve got a big one for this project.  I believe we’re all a lot more alike than we tend to think.  We can be great resources to each other and accomplish incredible feats when we come together.  Or let’s just have game nights and pillow fights and take a load off.



If I’ve gone missing you’ll likely find me:  Anywhere near water.  By a river, ocean, or lake.

Pick a great smell:  Cucumbers.    

Pets:  A sassy parrot named Chicken.

Favorite ’90s jam:  Tie between Spin Doctors’ Two Princes and Freedom! ‘90 by George Michael

I never get bored of:  The way silhouetted mountains look against the sky at night.  It looks like something out of a children’s book.  Kind of fantastical in such an endearingly simple way.

Favorite Time of Day:  5 pm at the beach.  As the sun is going down and it’s starting to get just a little chilly- wrapped up in a towel and starting to doze off.   


Meet Cat: 

I spent the year after college living in Chongqing, China and traveling throughout South East Asia. I’ll never forget the kindness I was shown by strangers in foreign places, how I was welcomed into their homes and treated like family.  I think that way too often we struggle to connect with the people in our immediate community. We make excuses and we find ways to avoid making eye contact or speaking to one another.

For me, this project is an effort to continue to get out of my comfort zone. To explore my immediate community and to connect with my neighbors. We have so much to offer each other. Let’s stop the small talk and get real.

When I’m not podcasting you can find me: skiing, hiking 14ers with my pup, or drinking bubbly

Guilty Pleasure: memes. memes. all. day. long.

Favorite Word: Fernweh

I’m addicted to: CorePower Yoga

Favorite Catchphrase: Let’s get weird

Favorite Film: Anything by Wes Anderson – I love the awkward dialogue, intricate sets and costumes and quirky cast of characters.

If I’ve gone missing, you’ll likely find me: in Patagonia, Chile or some other international destination. Far from technology and preferably in mountainous terrain.