Episode 8: Comedy and Connection with Rachel Weeks 

We were lucky enough to kick off our first recording in front of a live audience with a little stand-up comedy from Denver based comedian Rachel Weeks! Following the hilarity, we sat down with Rachel and discussed the ties between comedy and connection.  Special thanks to our sponsor Mission Control Liquor Station!

Episode 7: SAME Cafe – So All May Eat

Most new restaurants close well before they hit their 5 year anniversary. S.A.M.E. Cafe in Denver, the first non-profit restaurant in the US, just celebrated 11 years in business. Listen to our seventh episode with Executive Director, Brad Reubendale to find out how a restaurant with no set prices is able to continue to offer a dignified dining experience where all feel welcome while enjoying a healthy, locally sourced meal.


Episode 6: The Boulder Creative Collective

“We really want to push people’s boundaries a little bit because that is what makes a vibrant art community and what then reflects on the rest of the community.”
We sat down with Addrienne Amato and Kelly Cope Russack of The Boulder Creative Collective yesterday to talk about the community they have cultivated in Boulder that welcomes a diverse collective of artists using different mediums to tell a story.

Don’t forget to check out their Fall Exhibition Closing Reception on Friday, October 27th.  

Episode 5: Bikers Against Child Abuse

We were truly honored to have the opportunity to interview Duffy, Slice, and Bard of Bikers Against Child Abuse. We dare you to not be inspired by this incredible group of men and women who empower children to not be afraid of the world they live in. Tune in to hear our conversation with three real life superheroes.

B.A.C.A.’s helpline is 1-800-230-4852.  Please visit their website @ for more information.



Episode 4: Don’t Ask Cat To Walk Your Dog

Tune in to hear our conversation about relationship attachment styles featuring therapist and love strategist Chelli Pumphrey. You can learn more about Chelli and her work at   or


Episode 3: So, We Got In A Fight

Last week we had an argument that left us questioning if we could continue working together. We recorded our follow up conversation in an effort to be vulnerable with our audience about our own challenges with connection.  So here it is. Raw and completely uncut.


Episode 2: Come As You Are

In this episode, we were lucky enough to chat with Alex Milewski, founder and breaker at Block 1750, a Boulder based dance non-profit that was born out of the love of strong community.

Episode 1: Post Cool

In our very first episode, we interview Andrew Tyler and Oren Cohen of There about being the new guys in town and building community.